empress court

renovation and restoration of an office building

This office building was designed in the 1960s by Léon Stynen for the RTT, the then state-owned telecommunications company. When completed, the renovated building is going to be transformed into a sustainable, energy efficient office building while maintaining its historically valuable architecture. VK is responsible for the modernisation of all the technical systems.

This structure is actually consists of 2 interconnected buildings, one with 5 above ground floors, and the other with 7. The buildings are connected by walkways on each of the first 5 levels. One of the buildings was built above an underground railway line. The other building has two below ground levels which will be used to house the technical service rooms, and for parking.

This building has been constructed to ensure that it exceeds the most stringent ecological and environmental standards, ultimately using half of the standard amount of gas and electricity. The impressive insulation has a very low K-value (38), and includes insulated window frames and glazed windows, as well as mechanically ventilated climate windows, and a second glass wall façade. The use of a box-within-a-box building design allows the flexible arrangement of floor space, and is independent of the façade of the building.

Energy use will be kept to a minimum using several active measures: a low warming temperature, and a high cooling temperature, photovoltaic cells, high output condensation boilers, free cooling and heat recuperation, energy efficient daylight activated fluorescent lighting, all of which should lead to an energy value of E80.

At the end of 2007 the design for this building received the ‘Exemplary Building for Energy and Eco-Construction’ certification by the Brussels Capital Region.

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