VK Architects & Engineers is a design and engineering firm with more than 60 years of experience and expertise. As a multi-professional and interdisciplinary company, we offer a wide range of disciplines within the design and implementation process. In this, we direct our efforts to serving future clients from the public and private sectors, with a focus on a number of specific target markets.

VK offers all disciplines in Healthcare and Industry: from master planning and programming, through architecture and interior design, to stability, techniques, infrastructure and landscaping of the surroundings. The engineers and landscape designers in our Buildings and Public Space divisions are at the service of architects, clients commissioning the construction project and developers for master planning, programming, stability, techniques, infrastructure and landscaping. In addition, VK offers specialist disciplines for all target markets in their pursuit of ever higher quality, namely fire safety engineering, acoustical engineering and façade engineering.

Our professionals aim for an integrated approach in all our projects. This is a concept that integrates all disciplines, including the know-how of users, which offers advantages on all levels. Cost effectiveness and time savings during the design and construction process, a consolidation of the architectural identity, maintenance friendliness, flexibility, optimum convenience... This is how VK aspires to achieve a sustainable result in the long term and within a broad context. Designers, engineers and those commissioning the building project can call on our BREEAM professional and international assessors, and our EPIC reporters for the measurable aspects of sustainable construction.

Whatever role VK Architects & Engineers play, they take the interests of investors, future owners, public administrations, designers and end users to heart, from our commitment to your success.

Value by Design

  • 1952

    founder Hubert Van Kerckhove builds a reputation for his firm as a European reference in the development and engineering of industrial facilities

  • 1964

    Van Kerckhove registers as an architect, focussing mainly on the Belgian healthcare market

  • 1982

    Van Kerckhove takes over structural engineering firm Studium, highly active in coastal residential development.

  • 1990

    Son Peter Van Kerckhove becomes the sole manager as founder Hubert Van Kerckhove retires

  • 1998

    Van Kerckhove initiates a winning partnership with Richard Rogers for the Antwerp Law Courts architectural competition.

  • 2000

    Van Kerckhove takes over Brussels based building services firm Coget, aiming to get a firm foothold on the Brussels real estate market

  • 2002

    Van Kerckhove takes on a new identity as VK, with a clear focus in Healthcare and Buildings

  • 2002

    VK's healthcare aspirations are confirmed in winning the architectural competition for a 700+ bed greenfield hospital, GH Delta

  • 2004

    VK takes over Brussels based structural engineering firm Ingénieurs Associés, further enhancing its presence on the Brussels real estate market

  • 2005

    VK signs the largest contract for the engineering of a building in its history, as the engineering partner for the new NATO headquarters

  • 2007

    Laureate of another 700+ bed greenfield hospital, Saint Martin's in Mechelen, VK confirms its prominent position on the Belgian Healthcare-market

  • 2009

    VK confirms its international ambitions and explores possibilities in Vietnam, Kazakhstan and Russia.

  • 2010

    Paying hommage to its roots, VK renews its interest in Industry and Public Space

  • 2011

    Paul Corbeel is the new CEO of VK - Peter Van Kerckhove becomes chairman.

  • 2011

    VK wins the important “WAF award – Future Healthcare” for a competition design in Vietnam, in association with 2050 A+P en Nhat My

  • 2012

    VK's international efforts are rewarded as its first hospital design in Vietnam, the VinMec International Hospital, officially opens.

  • 2013

    In striving for ever higher quality of design, VK offers high-end advanced services, such as fire safety, acoustical and facade engineering.

  • 2013

    Winning the competition for the 900+ bed Grand Hopital de Charleroi proves VK is also recognized for its expertise in Wallonia.

  • 2015

    VK invests in the Walloon market and opens an office in Charleroi


Understanding our clients’ needs is our passion

Since its first activities in 1952, VK evolved to a first-rate consulting practice in the construction sector. Today, it can pride itself on a rich experience, having some of the best projects in our target markets as a reference.

During more than 60 years, VK has continually focused on designing and engineering in healthcare, education, real estate and industry. Such an inheritance gives us the needed insight and trust, to help our clients on a much broader base. The designs we create for them, implement and bring to perfection the processes that lead to their success.

We want to be a strategic partner in realising your goals

Individual intelligence and collective experience are the trademarks of our organisation. Combined, these assets give us an irresistible advantage : we understand your business. More so, we want you to be successful. This approach starts with our excellent proficiency and is completed with economic and market knowledge.

Thanks to our experience in several sectors and with various institutions, we are able to bring creativity to conventional solutions. Clients trust us not in the least because of our technical knowhow, flexibility and vision. We know how to make it work. In getting an insight in your corporate system - facilities, equipment, procedures, people - and in what defines your success, we have a broader view than an outsider, and often an insider, traditionally has.

The only meaningful proof of our success is the success of our clients. We consider you to be a business partner, investing our experience and energy as if we were stake holders in your company. As such, our relationship endures through time and is even strengthened as we give attention to large and little needs.

Many of our clients are leaders in their business, setting standards and wanting above all, to compete, make progress and gain the upper hand. We consider their mission to be ours, and integrate it into every detail of our projects.

We continually improve ourselves, so we can offer you professional advice and innovative solutions

To fulfill the ambitions of our mission, we have to foresee the future and anticipate it. This demands a profound insight into the forces of our target markets. That is why we continually are on the alert for movements and trends in the market. We want to know the sector as well as our clients do.

We are an ambitious corporation and constantly recrute new people; most of them at the brink of their career. We see it as our duty to train them to their full potential. As such, they are integrated into the corporate culture and they can contribute to our commitment towards our clients. We consider ourselves to be a learning organization, always looking for great people.



VK believes in sustainability in an intelligent way, not only focusing on materials and techniques, but on a sustainable solution as a whole. From the first steps of a project, VK aspires to a strategic partnership with all concerned parties, putting the needs of the client first, now and in the future. The result is a well thought-out design, originating in heightened efficiency and continuous consultations. This is our way of insuring a sustainable cooperation with the client.

Competence & experience

VK invests in highly qualified and ambitious collaborators, willing to do their best for the success of the company and of the client. Through a fervent personnel management, the qualities of each collaborator are optimized. As a learning organization, we provide for a training scheme, completing our years of experience with knowledge of new trends and developments. This policy enables VK to offer the client a team of experts, willing to contribute to his success.


VK owes its success to the talent, commitment and eagerness to learn of its collaborators. Their skills as designer, technician or administrative employee make all the difference when involved in large-scale and complex projects. This capital of high importance is put to the full service of the most important team member, the client: with sophisticated working procedures and systems a solid team is composed for each new project, corresponding with the wishes and expectations of the client.


VK can look back on a corporate history that speaks of strong management. The success of VK offers the client the professionalism and steadiness of a large company. On the other hand, the organization structure accentuates small teams, guaranteeing flexibility, accessibility and quick action. In the future, VK wants to continue this successful combination, through its understanding of market mechanisms and technological developments.


VK has an eye for the specific objectives of the individual client, who starts a project with certain expectations. VK aspires to meet these expectations, as the satisfaction of the client determines our success. But in the true spirit of serviceability, we go one step further. We look beyond the wishes of the client and complete them, based on our anticipation and years of experience. There are no standard assignments for VK.


VK doesn’t confuse creativity with style. Creativity and originality aren’t limited to the preliminary design, but are applied for the entire concept and throughout the entire construction phase. As often, our inventiveness is sharpened by contact with others. New design solutions are constructed by collaboration with foreign partners and the international gaze of our collaborators. The touch stone for our creativity lies with the client, who presents us with new challenges.


VK communicates in all openness. A transparent working method allows for interaction and anticipation, resulting in heightened creativity. We offer the client a sharp look on the project progress, giving him the opportunity to check whether we meet his expectations. This not only establishes a relationship of trust between all concerned parties, but also increases the efficiency of the design and construction process.


VK is independent of third parties. We want a collaboration with clients, collegues and other construction partners, aimed at the future. Only relationships built on trust withstand the complex dialogue of a construction process and guarantee a successful conclusion of a project.