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Barco moves to brand new campus

Barco’s new headquarters is fully in the delivery stage. As it is, Barco can officially be contacted on the brand new site One Campus since February 9th. This puts the iconic project, designed by Jaspers-Eyers, in its final stage. VK Architects & Engineers took charge of all engineering, including acoustical engineering and sustainable design. From now on, the Beneluxpark in Kortrijk (Belgium) can boast on a wonderful eye-catcher.

The circular volume already got plenty of attention from passers-by during construction. The finished interior now shows an impressive atrium, where various elements “float”. These elements define closed spaces, while keeping the ground floor completely open. The glass roof ensures a maximum of daylight, while avoiding overheating. By introducing air on the ground floor at low speed, a conditioned area is being created at the bottom of the atrium. This area is additionally climatised through a climate floor. Up in the atrium, foot bridges are cooled with cooling beams.

Above all, Barco wanted a high technological campus that could encompass all of its ambitions, and would externalise them to visitors and clients. So the building includes several demonstration areas with advanced multimedia, and an auditorium that can also be used as a cinema. Furthermore, a considerable part of the cilindrical volume is occupied by an R&D department.

Ambitions were also high with regard to energy consumption. Installations use heat recuperation and redistribute heat surplusses. Climatisation applies a 100% variable flow, and free cooling is also a possibility. For cooling, the water is used from the pond in front of the building. This induces cooling in a very efficient manner, without excessively consuming municipal water.