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UCL organises expert sessions on the future of hospitals

Friday March 24th, VK Architects & Engineers was invited by the UCL to speak on the hospital of the future, in the 52nd Cycle de Perfectionnement en Sciences Hospitalières. This Cycle is intended for healthcare managers and executives, and offers new insights on the complexities of managing a hospital.

One of the three themes for this year consisted of “The hospital of the future, horizon 2030”. Four speakers in total, each experts in their field, shared their ideas of where the hospital of the future will or should evolve towards.

Make no mistake: AI and connected medicine are here to stay

Dr. Philippe Coucke shared his insights on connected medicine, explaining how telemedicine and e-medicine amongst others will dramatically change the face of future hospitals. Dr. Boudewijn de Bliek from IBM talked on cognitive computing in healthcare, elaborating on the Watson cognitive system and the huge impact of artificial intelligence on future healthcare.

Dr. Pascal Verdonck focused on the importance of hospital networks and innovation, as a driving force for cost-effective and future-proof healthcare.

Healing is not just a process, it’s an experience

In a digitally driven healthcare future, backed by AI, the overall experience of healing will gain in importance. In assessing this overall experience, the consumers of healthcare services, or patients, will ever more pay attention to the environment in which they receive treatment. Architect Stéphane Vermeulen, director healthcare design for VK Architects & Engineers, shed his light on this aspect, focusing on hospital architecture that puts humanisation at the center.

Watch the presentation of Stephane Vermeulen (in French) and the other experts on the YouTube channel of UCL Formation Continue FSP.