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Brothers of Charity open new nursing home

On February 12th, the Brothers of Charity opened the doors of its brand new nursing home Throne of Mary in Dendermonde (Belgium). 108 inhabitants will find a new home in this building, a design by VK Architects & Engineers.

The nursing home actually is the final piece of an entire care campus. Some years ago, 10 senior apartments were occupied in the Ter Monde-project. In 2011, the mental home Espalier opened its doors on the campus, offering a home to 42 inhabitants. Both projects were designed and realized by VK Architects & Engineers. The nursing home Throne of Mary is the final piece, right in the centre of the town of Dendermonde.

The location and dense surrounding urban fabric necessitated a phased approach. Also because this project was to replace the existing nursing home. In December 2014, the last inhabitants moved to their new rooms. The last wing then was demolished in favor of a new cafeteria, additional parking spaces and a bike station.

Following the principle of small-scale living, the nursing home counts 8 living units of 14 inhabitants each. This small-scale approach has been translated to the exterior: the living units protrude from the volume, and bring a playful accent to the façades. Furthermore, Throne of Mary nursing home also has 5 places for people suffering from Huntington’s disease, and 6 places for short-stay. Maximum glazing of the living units and public functions create an optimal connection between the inhabitants and their surroundings.

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