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Building permit for new hospital of Charleroi approved

Mid November, the building permit for the new Grand Hospital of Charleroi npa (Grand Hôpital de Charleroi) has been approved, with the agreement of the Minister of Public Works, Health, Social Affairs and Heritage, Maxime Prévot. This starts a new phase for one of the largest hospital projects in Belgium (960 beds). VK Architects & Engineers – Réservoir A are the designers of this new future-proof care institution. Mid 2013, they were proclaimed laureate with their partners of the architecture competition for this ambitious project, focussing on programming, cost management, exploitation management and landscaping.

Flexible layers method

The design applies the layers method, grouping similar functions in specific building types. This results in a flexible campus with a logical approach and efficient care organisation. It also enables a hybrid approach: structure follows care management. The layers method moreover optimally spreads the real estate risk and even allows for future functions not related to care. The project promoters and the EIB (European Investment Bank) had but the highest praize for this approach.

Healing environment

Although the future 960 beds-hospital arguably will be one of the largest in Belgium, it first and foremost aims to deliver a project on a human scale. A patient-centred approach is to stimulate a healing environment that promotes health and prevention, rather than disease and healing.

An important factor of this approach is the location of the hospital. As green witnesses of the once prosperous mining industry, the overgrown coal tips have become hopeful symbols of a healing future. So the Terril des Viviers (Coal Tip of Viviers) is an outstanding place to realise the future care institution for the entire region.

Delivery of the hospital is planned for 2022.