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Care campus Zedelgem nears final phase

Last week, the holes were drilled on the Zedelgem care campus for the borehole thermal energy storage (BTES) field. This introduces the final phase of the construction activities.

The care campus consists of the nursing home Klaverveld (Clover-field) and the senior apartments Klaverhof (Clover Court). The exterior of the various buildings, facades and exterior joinery, is mostly completed. In fact, since September 2015, some twenty senior apartments are inhabited. The remaining senior apartments and the nursing home will be completed and inhabited in May.

Until then, there is quite some work to be done on the construction site. Inside, the technical installations and the interior are in the final stages of completion. But outside as well, there are still some things to do. Last week, 48 holes were drilled up to a depth of 150 meters for the BTES field. The combination of vertical soil heat exchangers and a water/water heat pump will provide the campus with energy efficient heating and cooling.