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Charleroi hospital starts construction with respect for biodiversity

Today, Grand Hôpital de Charleroi starts construction of its new hospital, on the coal tip des Viviers at the community of Gilly. A first phase is meant to preserve the natural environment to a maximum. For the coal tip has its own biodiversity, with especially the natterjack toad being present on this habitat.

The new hospital will be the largest privately owned hospital of the Walloon region. It will occupy 17 hectares, 10 of which will be layed out as a park. As the new design was presented, concern arose as to the specific biodiversity of the coal tip des Viviers, consisting amongst others of amphibians and natterjack toads.

So the very first construction phase includes laying out areas where the preservation of these species are guaranteed. While the car park is planned at the east side, the park is to be laid out on the west side. So a barrier will be installed, to guide the amphibians to the west side of the coal tip. This first phase will run till mid March and is observed by the Agro-Bio Tech Faculty of the University of Liege.

At the same time, the first groundworks are being started. The hospital will open its doors in 2022.