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Construction Sint-Maarten General Hospital right on track

The new hospital of GH Sint-Maarten is right on track. Some weeks ago, the final façade panel of 4,000 panels in total was installed. At the same time, the final glazing is put into place, including on the walkway on the ground floor. All of these elements give the passerby on the R6 ringway a good approximation of the final architectural impression.

There is however still an important component to be added. The waving solar protection, integrated as a fragile architectural façade element, will complete the visual experience of the building.

Obviously, works are also going on at full speed in the interior. On the ground floor, part of the floor heating has already been installed.

Meanwhile, construction of the parking building has also been started. In front of the hospital, a separate building will hold 1,600 places for cars.

The hospital opens its doors at the end of 2018.

Click here for a photo montage of the construction site, published on the YouTube channel of VK Architects & Engineers.