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Acoustical engineering full

Acoustical Engineering


Mastery in sound control

Comfort is more than just sophisticated heating, cooling, and ventilation. Optimal acoustics and sound insulation are at least as important for creating a pleasant climate. Achieving excellent results in these areas requires a multidisciplinary approach by specialists. That is exactly the strength of VK Architects & Engineers: after all, the acoustics division combines extensive knowledge with internal expertise in other building disciplines.

Why invest in acoustics?

Noise pollution, speech intelligibility, privacy, reverberation, etc. determine the daily experience and comfort in the rooms and buildings where we work, live and relax. Investing in acoustics means investing in people. Good acoustic conditions contribute to reducing stress, concentration problems, and fatigue. This even has a direct economic effect on the shop floor. After all, performance is improved, there are fewer accidents and absenteeism is reduced.

Why hire a specialist?

Noise pollution is a subjective fact: what one experiences as disturbing, the other will not even notice. Sounds that are sometimes barely noticeable are experienced as disturbing at other times. Think of the air conditioning at night in the bedroom or a phone call in a quiet office. In addition, the propagation of sound is influenced by many factors, which makes acoustics a very difficult discipline. And this in terms of both sound insulation and room acoustics. The introduction of new building techniques and materials, as well as the increase in techniques in buildings, increases the complexity of noise reduction. To be successful, acoustics must, therefore, be approached holistically by specialists. After all, excellent acoustic comfort is always the result of a well-thought-out location of the rooms and the right sound-insulating/absorbing materials and interventions.

Where do the VK experts make the difference?

Over the years, VK has gained extensive expertise in building and room acoustics, industrial and environmental noise, etc. Every day, the engineers develop their knowledge in their field of expertise and use innovative building techniques such as CLT and timber frame construction. In addition to this extensive know-how on all aspects of acoustics, a multidisciplinary approach is the main asset of the Acoustics division. All projects are developed in close cooperation with the structural and M&E engineering departments, which is unique in the Belgian sector. Moreover, all the engineers are internationally renowned experts who, with their knowledge, also provide advice and assistance to the academic world and research centers. This interaction also benefits VK clients. This external pooling of resources gives engineers access to additional knowledge and testing equipment. What is the result? VK Architects & Engineers always succeeds in formulating ingenious answers to complex acoustic challenges.

Why choose a proactive approach?

VK specialists do not shy away from remedial action. But they do advocate a preventive approach in which they are involved early in the design process. Only in this way is a holistic approach possible, with an optimal location, structural interventions, acoustic insulation of the building envelope and the right materials for the interior finishing. VK guarantees absolute brand independence and the required acoustic comfort. In addition to consultation in order to arrive at efficient and economical solutions, the engineers also take care of detailed acoustic specifications, the follow-up of the works and the necessary tests upon delivery.

What is the expertise of VK?

Hospitals, care centers, apartment and office complexes, factories, schools, sports centers, cultural centers and theatres, public spaces, catering establishments, etc.: VK engineers find the right solutions for optimal acoustic comfort for every building, space or environment. This does not have to involve large-scale projects, because VK Architects & Engineers can also help you with complex acoustic challenges for smaller projects such as timber frame construction (homes).

An additional advantage is that the acoustics division operates independently. Every client, architect or contractor can call on the knowledge and skills of the acoustic engineers. In short: VK provides you with the acoustic comfort you are looking for and need. Regardless of the type of building, space or noise generated.

Framework: Our expertise

  • mapping the performance requirements in terms of acoustic comfort.
  • design of airborne and impact sound insulation between rooms.
  • acoustic optimization of wall composition in order to meet the acoustic criteria of the project as precisely as possible...
  • determination of the facade and roof sound insulation in function of the impact noise of precipitation and ambient noise.
  • prognosis and measurement of externally generated noise.
  • control and use of numerous tools for acoustic modeling, ray tracing, mapping of acoustics, determination of insulation parameters (Immi, Odeon, Sonarchitect, Insul...).
  • reduce the noise levels emitted by technical installations (HVAC and plumbing).
  • calculate the acoustic parameters to avoid excessive reverberation times.
  • calculation of room acoustic parameters for auditoriums, theatres, schools, offices, ...
  • design of electro-acoustic installations for public announcements.
  • designing total solutions (casings, screens, vibration dampers) to reduce vibrations and noise from machines and installations.
  • calculation of noise levels on the work floor.
  • designing total solutions to reduce reverberation times and sound pressure levels in all possible environments.
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