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Adaptive and circular construction


Adaptive and circular building is about more than ecological building. It encourages us to think about the lifespan of buildings and materials, their function - which can change during that lifespan - and their 'end of life'.

Adaptive building requires a design approach that anticipates future use and/or renovation scenarios already in the concept phase. VK assists the design team and the client in this process, exploring various possibilities from design and implementation to use. For this purpose, principles such as the Support-Infill method can be applied: the support being the fixed infrastructure around which the layout (infill) can be freely changed. Sensible implantation of the support structures ensures a spatial use that is multi-orientable and multi-applicable.

This degree of modularity also ensures an efficient and flexible management in which spaces can be adapted independently of each other. At the building level, this inherently results in an extension of the lifespan of the building and its surroundings, which in the long term results in a reduction of the environmental impact.

From the outset, one can select building materials with the certainty of keeping a closed loop. Several circular principles deserve attention in this respect. Research into and application of innovative reversible building methods contribute to the concept of a circular economy. Testing the possibilities of implementing product-as-a-service to stimulate better quality and maintenance of techniques and materials, contributes to an extension of the life span and a reduction of the environmental impact. Keeping materials within their cycle (direct reuse or take-back manufacturer), reduces the number of new materials that need to be addressed.

From the perspective of waste management, this can gradually lead to zero-waste buildings. In this way, the materials of an existing construction on the site and their possible applications can be mapped out via a pre-demolition audit. We also advise you on end-of-use circular business models and look at the (financially) most interesting options for you, in the short and long term.

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