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BIM is in line with VK's motto "Designing together" since this method requires global and integrated cooperation from all partners. Intelligent use of BIM ensures better design. Thanks to its BIM experience in projects of more than 100,000 m², VK is the ideal partner to guide the project owner in this process.

BIM (Building Information Modeling) allows the various partners in the construction sector to collaborate effectively. Only one database is used, in which the data of the architects, the contracting authority, the installer and the contractor are linked. The model makes it possible to see immediately how the different disciplines behave in relation to each other. It is not a single model but a series of files (databases, Excel sheets, etc...) that can be linked at certain times.

The benefits are many:

  • faster and more efficient work processes: information is automatically shared and reusable.
  • the design can be better evaluated and the process allows adaptations and innovations to be made more quickly.
  • life cycle costs and environmental data: the model provides better predictions of the impact of environmental factors and the impact on the LCC.
  • better construction documentation: the documents for the contractor and installer contain more information.
  • automated assembly: product-related data can be directly associated with production lines for structural system assembly or construction parts.
  • life cycle data: all data on the design, construction and operational performance of systems and installations can be used by facility management.

Specific benefits for architects and engineers

  • BIM makes it possible to export data to the calculation model.
  • the compatibility of BIM with design software such as REVIT ensures considerable time savings.
  • the sharing of knowledge between architects and engineers takes place naturally.

However, we also warn against excessive use of BIM. In the design phase of M&E engineering, for example, it is useless to aim for a 100% conflict-free model (the contractor is often not yet known, nor the brands of the materials ...).

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