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Building Physics


Building physics studies the (hygro)thermal behaviour of materials, components, spaces and buildings. The ever-increasing requirements imposed on the building envelope (energy, thermal, acoustic...) together with the need to guarantee user comfort, the economic aspects and a minimum environmental impact, also increase the importance of analysing the hygrothermal performance of the building envelope.

VK has many years of experience in EPB and PHPP energy calculations that determine the influence of thermal bridges in order to reduce heat losses through the building envelope. We calculate the heat loss through specific building details using a 2D/3D calculation program, allowing us to determine its impact on energy consumption.

Especially in renovation projects, it is essential to also estimate the possible hygrothermal risks of building elements. We calculate the condensation risks on the basis of a glaser calculation and give design advice on how to prevent them. In order to map the heat and moisture behaviour of existing building components and buildings, sensor techniques can also be used on the site itself.

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