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Sustainable design energyefficiency

Energy efficiency and optimisation


The way in which energy is handled in a building is essential for its sustainability. We conduct energy studies to achieve energy efficiency and optimisation, whether it's an existing project, a project to be renovated or a new construction project. This enables us to evaluate the current energy consumption but also to estimate the future consumption at monthly, daily and hourly levels.

An audit of existing buildings involves the measurement of exact usage data by recording the existing situation. Usage data are determined on the basis of on-site measurements, analysis of existing energy bills and building monitoring. In addition, a numerical model is created to dynamically simulate possible adaptation measures in the building. This simulation model is calibrated on the basis of the collected usage data of the existing building. On this basis, various measures can be analysed and proposed in order to adjust the energy consumption if required.

For new concepts, energy optimisation can be carried out on the basis of various calculations. VK uses several models, according to the client's wishes: EPB, PHPP, dynamic simulations ... The final result of the study is a technical-economic analysis. This provides a clear picture of possible measures, alternatives and the economic impact. So well-considered choices can be made.

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