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Facade engineering full

Facade Engineering


A building facade acts as the separating and filtering layer between the outside environment and the interior spaces. It also connects exterior and interior environments, making buildings habitable and comfortable for the intended use. The building envelope is considered the main layer where all functions and requirements come together, actuating on all dynamic parameters of the exterior and the interior.

Facade Engineering optimizes all these functions and requirements, and moreover considers their interdependency in a holistic way to achieve the best solution. The facade cannot be seen anymore as an individual part of the building. Therefore, detailed design and engineering of this envelope as an integrated part of the whole building is needed to achieve the ever increasing level of comfort and energy performance of our buildings.

Facade Engineering bridges across many disciplines, brings together Architecture, M&E Engineering, Structural Engineering, Acoustical & Fire Safety Engineering, Sustainable Design & Value Engineering in order to develop intelligent facades.

Due to more stringent building energy regulations, the need to develop intelligent facades is increasing. Many national and international studies recognise that by improving the building envelope, important energy savings can be obtained.

VK Facade Engineering focuses on the thermal performance, the environmental efficiency and the use of sustainable materials in its facade design. VK’s experience with alternative design solutions increases your opportunity to obtain a facade design that works for the lifetime of the building.

The building envelope can represent easily up to 20% of the total construction cost of new projects, and this portion will still increase due to the evolution towards intelligent facades that are fully integrated in the building energy concept. Engaging a VK facade engineer can result in important savings potential for the client.

We deliver a number of facade engineering services throughout all project phases (from the design process up to the occupancy phase), either as stand-alone services or as part of a broader scope.

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Facade Engineering in detail

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  • facade design (conceptual / schematic design / detailed design) of standard & bespoke facade solutions
  • feasibility study in terms of budget, buildability & fit for purpose
  • 3D modelling and parametric design
  • structural, thermal, acoustic, wind loading and fire safety analysis and optimization
  • optimisation and verification of the capacity of facade system to be able to deal with movements of the primary structure (dilatation, creep, elastic shortening of columns, inter-storage deformation, seismic movements …)
  • building physics
    • facade thermal, solar and condensation risk assessments: U-value, g-value, light transmittance, thermal bridging
    • detailed (transient, 3D, …) solar and thermal analysis of the envelope using FEA (eg. Thermal fracture)
  • integration of facade design in building energy concept
  • dynamic simulation of heating-cooling-lighting loads and indoor thermal comfort
  • daylight simulations and solar shading analysis
  • CFD modelling
  • life cycle analysis
  • integration of BIPV and other renewable energy systems: solar shading, operable windows, architectural lighting, switchable glazing systems, other innovative solutions …
  • material studies and recommendations, approvals of suitable materials and components
  • value engineering solutions to meet the client's budget
  • recommendation of facade installation & suitable BMU systems.
Facade tender
  • tender documents (conceptual/schematic design, specification, BOQ and vendors list)
  • assistance tendering and contracting
  • value engineering solutions to meet the client's budget
  • contractor submittal review
Facade execution
  • reviewing execution drawings, thermal & structural calculations of façade contractor
  • facade testing criteria, method statements and witnessing tests at the lab and on-site
  • supplier and factory production inspections
  • installation and site inspection
  • completion and handover documents
Facade inuse
  • commissioning and monitoring
  • remedial work
  • due diligence; expert witness work
Facade producers
  • design and developments of facade system
  • structural, thermal, acoustic and wind analysis
  • execution drawings and production details