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Fire safety engineering

Fire Safety Engineering


Our Fire Safety Engineering team is committed to protecting people, structures and goods from the destructive consequences of smoke and fire. Besides providing the mandatory and desired safety, our fire safety engineers want to optimize the client’s investment, his goals and objectives within a holistic design approach.

The experience of our fire safety engineers extends over a wide array of projects. From high-rise residential and offices developments, shopping centers, large venues and schools to hospitals, logistical centers and industrial compounds with hazardous goods. They apply their expertise on new construction projects, renovations, and extensions.

The knowledge of our fire safety engineers is based on years of experience with broad academic expertise. With the aid of dynamic simulations, they assess the risks, research the impact of fire, smoke, and heat on spaces and structures, evaluate evacuation scenarios… Their services include fire safety strategies, fire safety design, audits, risk assessments, and simulations of fire dynamics and human behavior.

With the legislative prescriptions as a starting point, our fire safety engineers discuss the desired level of fire safety with the project owner and the fire service. They also aim to preserve the architectural design to the fullest, while meeting the required safety codes and standards. Using performance-based solutions, they set out to ensure the safety of people, structure, and goods, respecting the project’s vision, ambition, budget, and function. When proposing solutions that derogate from prescriptions, our fire safety engineers assist in advancing the approval procedure.

Taking into account the impact of fire safety interventions, the fire safety engineer is best involved in the project from the earliest design stage onwards. The fire safety engineer has valuable input to offer for the design team, from e.g. the shape of the atrium and location of the vertical cores to the required technical installations. Early fire safety guidance ensures integrated solutions and prevents costly and time-consuming re-designing or re-engineering.

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