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Healthcare architecture full

Healthcare Architecture


VK applies architecture to lend shape and content to solutions. Countless questions, challenges, limitations and opportunities arise during a project. Master planning and programming provide direction and clarity and present solutions and concepts. Architecture allows our designers to shape those concepts.

In Healthcare, we combine the efficient organisation of care with a clear focus on wellbeing. On the one hand, our designs work for organisations that operate within an economic reality and have a clear vision for real estate. Thanks to years of experience in the care sector, our architects design extremely functional and flexible environments with attention to their affordability. On the other hand, care is the perfect example of a sector where human dignity comes first. Therefore VK also focuses on the resident or patient, but pays equal attention to a high-performance working environment and pleasant places to stay for family, visitors and local people.

To reconcile the two aspects, VK is committed to the idea of the healing environment. We are convinced that the quality of the surroundings contributes to the physical and mental healing process for patients and to the wellbeing of residents and staff. Our care designers therefore also apply different parameters for a high-quality care environment on the basis of research-based design: from walking distances and clear layout to patient safety, ergonomics, comfort and room design to daylight, way-finding, self-reliance and privacy.

Then there is the genius loci, the integration with the immediate surroundings and nature, a crucial aspect of enriching architecture. Permeability, low threshold and accessibility: these concepts in urban planning promote a holistic experience, further embedding in society and community building.

Our designers believe in integral design: the contribution of all the building disciplines as well as that of all the stakeholders provides vital information. This enables the project to have a more efficient design and implementation process. That is not just good news in terms of construction time and cost. It also allows optimisation of the entire life cycle cost, as a contribution to a wider socially and economically sustainable environment. The application of BIM design software reinforces and stimulates this interdisciplinary approach, with a future-oriented care building as the successful final result.

Healthcare Design

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