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Healthcare Engineering


Whereas the importance of engineering cannot be overstated in the overall design and construction process, it can pose a matter of life and death in healthcare design. Not to mention the great complexities of technical installations in the complex building typology of hospitals.

Healthcare Engineering is an expert discipline, particularly in hospitals, one of the most complex building types. Moreover, hospitals require specific installations, proper to its daily medical operations, such as medical gasses and fluids. Engineering for healthcare environments comes with heavy responsibilities. The functioning or not functioning of technical installations can have serious consequences.

Our healthcare engineers have years of experience with the most demanding medical environments, ranging from cleanrooms to high degree burns treatment rooms and state-of-the-art operating rooms with laminar flows, meeting ISO standards.

Sound healthcare engineering is a matter of reliability, safety, comfort and cost effectiveness. Reliability is an essential aspect in an environment where machinery and equipment sustain life and life saving procedures. Also, resetting an installation after a breakdown is a costly affair. Apart from the restarting costs of the installations, productivity of medical and other staff suffers a temporary downfall.

Last but not least, reliable technical installations ensure a degree of constant comfort for patients, as well as for the staff. Especially for patients, comfort is a much desired quality, as they already are subjected to an imposed environment.

On another note, a hospital has to meet standards, regulated by legislation. Unreliable energy supplies may interfere with these standards, as for example, operating rooms may briefly not be able to uphold the hygienic standards they are supposed to meet.

Healthcare Engineering also entails the integration of highly advanced medical equipment, allowing a hospital to stand out, be it the latest MRI-scanner, robotised cathlab or robotic surgeon.

Throughout the past decades, our engineers and designers have gathered invaluable experience in the integration of medical equipment during the design stage, leading to a truly integrated concept, bringing the hospital further benefits with regard to cost effectiveness and future-proof solutions.

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