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Industrial Architecture


With the service Industrial Design, VK is bridging to its roots: where in the early days of VK the emphasis was on silo buildings, the experience for years has been intensified. Today, VK designs sustainable diversified industrial projects that include architectural projects in the agro/silo, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and logistics sectors.

Although diverse in nature, we see a common thread in these projects: the basis for each design is our multidisciplinary engineering tailored to the private or public builder. The design is always at the service of a process, production or logistics, and integrates the process-related additional functions such as service provision, personnel-related functions, office functions, and the building environment into an aligned architectural identity.

The core concept in VK's approach to these projects is to create added value. To this end, VK relies on its experience and know-how. On the other hand, and equally important, our employees lend their ear because we are aware of the unique story of each client. We consider it our duty to make that story our own so that we can more than live up to the goals and ambitions of each client in the design, with respect for his corporate culture, and also consider this knowledge as added value in the further development of our own experience. From this open dialogue, we unite our visions in the design and create the added value for the project, which translates into budgetary, functional and sustainable optimization.

An industrial project can only deliver its optimal return if all project aspects are integrated into it. That is why VK invariably strives to develop a multidisciplinary program of requirements. In particular, the preconditions associated with production processes, sustainable solutions, and more sophisticated logistics equipment are identified as early as possible and continuously updated from master plan to operational building. To this end, VK works in close cooperation with any of the client's consultants in the fields of logistics, the environment, and process technology, as well as with contractors and, where needed, external architects. As a result of this integrated approach or systems engineering, the potential of each project aspect can be developed with optimum effect.

With Industrial Design, VK aspires to achieve a symbiosis between efficiency, energy and sustainability, logistics intelligence, security, architectural representation, comfort and user-friendliness for a future-proof industrial environment.

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