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The quality of life and experience in our surroundings begins with a well-functioning, safe and sustainable public space. VK Architects & Engineers aims here to create both technical and functional sustainability as well as timeless landscapes and architecture. That results in a unique, strong project.

VK supervises the vision and concept of the project for its entire duration on the basis of an integral approach. Landscape architects, urban planners and engineers work together in a complementary team. This means that all aspects of landscaping, trafic engineering and mobility policy, urban planning, water management, and civil engineering etc. can be dealt with in an integrated manner. This working method is based on years of experience with various infrastructural projects, both public works and assignments for private organisations and institutions.

VK’s designs are based on a well-founded inventory of all the functional, conceptual and technical aspects and preconditions. In close consultation with the client, all the needs of the final consumers, target groups and stakeholders are mapped out. In consultation with various parties, each project is also tested in terms of prerequisite permits and opportunities for subsidies. Our designers and engineers are also constantly refreshing their knowledge of integral water management, aspects of permits, procedures.

The technical elaboration of the designs takes into account up-to-date construction guidelines, materials and techniques. Details are worked out, without losing sight of the original vision. Our designers and engineers do this with the latest software to offer the client accurate and transparent designs. Visualisations, 3D ground modelling, 3D road design, hydraulics and BIM meet clients’ increasingly high expectations. When carefully choosing their materials, our designers pay attention to maintenance, robustness, handling and processing possibilities.

The thorough knowhow of our experts accompanies the client through all the processes involved. Our process management is at the service of every sector here. Tailored to the client and the project, every challenge is approached with openness and creativity. The final result is high-quality infrastructure.

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