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Interior Architecture


VK approaches the interior and the building integrally, as a whole. The two are inextricably linked. The orienting design of a space, the texture of materials, specific angle of the light, use of colour, shape and interplay: these aspects arise fro the same vision that determines the architecture. Architects and interior designers ensure the unity of the whole project and the harmony of architecture and interior.

Our interior designers are specialised in Healthcare. This means that they fit out a wide range of spaces: from operating theatres and emergency departments to rooms for psychiatric patients and luxury flats. In care projects, more so than in other sectors, the interior is extremely important. Inside these spaces, after all, deep human emotions play out: intense joy, deep sorrow, stress, uncertainty, frustration, relief… VK believes that the experience of an interior exercises a strong influence on its users. Identity and wellbeing are therefore two important key concepts for our designers.

The combined effect of materials, ergonomics, colour, lighting etc. determine the ultimate atmosphere and ease of use of an interior. A sober, ergonomic interior helps doctors and nursing staff to concentrate on life-saving tasks. Warm colours and natural materials, on the other hand, reduce possible stress in patients, whereas it is precisely the use of colour that can help people with dementia find their way around. And small toddlers might just forget for a moment that they are in hospital if they notice the playful, imaginative elements in their surroundings.

All these components can be called into play thanks to the experience and knowhow of our architects and interior designers. They also use question sessions with the stakeholders, and maybe test environments, to meet all needs and desires. Depending on the client’s wishes and the function of the space, our designers can create places to stay, work, heal, live… each with a balance between safety, functionality and valuable experience.

Healthcare Design

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