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Sustainable design smartbuildings

Smart Buildings and Monitoring


Measuring is knowing. This is certainly the case when it comes to the energy consumption of buildings. VK has a wide-ranging library of projects to which research and development of energy monitoring is applied, enabling the use of big data concepts to evaluate the energy consumption in the usage phase and to adjust it for optimisation.

In addition to energy monitoring, a smart building can also implement other Smart applications. VK advises how these can be implemented in an efficient and integrated way. By using data collected in and around a building in a smart and responsive way, a range of integrated applications can be offered. The building facilitates the real-time connection between people and things and acts as the ultimate "personal assistant" for staff, visitors and the building manager. Applications can be selected in function of the following "smart objectives":

  • create an innovative and inspiring place
  • improve the satisfaction and well-being of building users & attracting new talent
  • increase productivity, flexibility and efficient use of space
  • increase digital connectivity, employee empowerment and collaboration
  • improve environmental sustainability
  • optimise the service, operation and maintenance of the building

The applications make the user-experience for staff, visitors and the building manager more pleasant, easier and more versatile.

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