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Space planning


As a designer, VK pays great attention to the phases before the first design is sketched out. Depending on the complexity of the task, master planning and programming are vital to a successful project.

In the programming phase, VK identifies concrete problems and challenges for specific projects within the long-term vision indicated in the master plan. It is important to create a clear picture of objectives and functional and operational requirements, such as the desired level of flexibility and real estate considerations. It is equally important to know what possible limitations or opportunities entail. By charting these issues, our designers can sketch out the core of the project.

For this information, the contribution of all parties concerned is vital. For example, in the care sector, the contributions of directors, doctors, staff and above all the end users are extremely valuable. The contribution of the potential health care property developer is also becoming increasingly important. Each group looks at the project from their own standpoint; bringing these standpoints together offers a comprehensive overview of needs and desires. Thus VK insists on questioning the different stakeholders on all sorts of aspects of a project, from economic parameters to functionality and ease of use to comfort and visual appeal, by means of focused info sessions.

This source of information is analysed by our designers and documented in deliverables: organisation charts, relationship matrices, bubble charts, zoning plans, flow diagrams, room and surface area lists per department, phasing charts and various scenarios with divergent consequences for the budget and the site etc. Visualising the excess of information helps the client to control the project with us and make well-considered, long-term decisions.

VK has experience with the programming of diverse projects, many of which are highly complex. In the care sector, this ranges from complete Health Promoting Lifestyle Campuses to general hospitals and psychiatric campuses to residential care homes. Scale is irrelevant: VK can support the programming of a fully integrated campus, but equally well a model room for the renovation of ward wings – using visualisations or with complete, life-size mock-ups.

This integral approach to design, combining the knowhow and expertise of the designers and stakeholders, leads to a more efficient design process. From that point onwards, our architects, engineers and experts can start work on a total design in partnership with external parties.

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