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Structural Engineering


When trying to imagine a new project, it is natural to think about shape, the aspect of the facades, the use of volumes … But no one dreams of a galvanised high resistance H profile steel girder… However, a building or work of art cannot exist without structure. It is the structure that keeps everything together.

VK’s structural engineers are at the service of architects and services engineers, ensuring that their ideas will find their way from the drawing table to reality while allowing proper functionality of the building services. They constantly search for the best solution, making the building function at an optimal price. As such, for a VK engineer, the question is never whether something is possible, but rather at what cost.

VK engineers look for the right structural system and choose the right building material. Besides traditional concrete and steel, VK frequently uses other innovative materials or high technology applications: high resistance concrete, prestressed concrete, high resistance steel, tensile textile structures, glued laminated wood, laminated veneer lumber, carbon fibers, composite elements such as concrete-steel or concrete-wood …

Every project is designed to resist wind and snow loads, earthquake loads and forces incited by temperature changes, according to the requirements of the applicable building code. Our engineers also perform dynamic analyses with the help of calculation software. Oscillation due to wind turbulences, floor vibration incited by machinery or human activity, dynamic effects due to an explosion are among the dynamic calculations that can be carried out. VK also develops specific programs for particular issues, such as fire resistance, foundation resistance and settlements.

Their ability to perform quick hand calculation allows VK’s structural engineers to provide quick answers and appropriate solutions at all stages of the project, helping the architects and the clients to achieve their goal.

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