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Flemish Architects’ Organisation visits construction site Sint-Maarten GH

Construction activities of the site of Sint-Maarten GH (Mechelen, Belgium) have largely moved indoors. On the outside, mainly the architectural solar protection has to be added, and the infrastructure layed out. A perfect moment for NAV, the Flemish Architects’ Organisation, and some 50 of its members, including some hospital professionals, to visit the construction site. VK Architects & Engineers, architect of the new hospital, did the honours as host/hostess.

Before the guided tour started, VK Architects & Engineers presented a general introduction with the major design features.

Compact and fragile

Attention was pointed to the no-nonsense architecture with a strong identity. The designers also aimed for a compact building, needing less building envelope per square meter. This reduces the construction cost, as well as the energy loss and the exploitation cost.

Obviously, the very particular solar protections was also highlighted. This fragile and most functional ‘skin’ adapts to the facade orientation. The lower position of the sun in the west and east requires smaller distances between the blinds than the higher position of the sun in the south.

Spatial atmosphere

The introduction furthermore raises a corner of the veil regarding the interior architecture, although not yet under construction. However, the approach of the care boulevard is clearly visible : an open, visible and transparant space with an abundance of daylight. Much attention was also paid to the transition from public to semi-public and public spaces, by playing with degrees of brightness amongst others.

The new hospital will be put into service at the end of 2018.

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