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Heavy renovation Deloitte headquarters on the way

The former administrative building of Brussels Airport, at the very heart of the site, is largely stripped and is being completely renovated. The renewed project ‘Gateway’ will be occupied in the second half of 2016 by Deloitte, as their headquarters. Jaspers-Eyers and A2RC are the architects for developers Codic and Immobel. VK Architects & Engineers take charge of the entire engineering concept (structural engineering and building services), including fire safety engineering.

The national airport is one of Belgium’s most important growth poles. As a result of the constant developments, outworn structures fall into disuse, such as the site of the former terminal. The development of the offices project ‘Gateway’  revalues this site, while taking care to respect the original architectural concept. This new headquarters of Deloitte accommodates 2,000 employees.

The U-shaped complex is not just being renovated. An additional wing creates an enclosed entity, encompassing a central atrium. This atrium, 10 floors high, will undoubtedly become the eye-catcher of the project. It gathers all vertical and horizontal circulation and offers space for an indoor garden, the reception desk and a multifunctional space.

This atrium demanded some additional measures regarding fire safety. A sophisticated smoke and heat exhaust system provides a safe evacuation route, while a sprinkler installation enhances the building’s fire safety. An automatic extinguishing system on the façade prevents fire spreading to nearby buildings.

The airport area does not allow gas installations for reasons of security. So as a peculiarity, the renovated building has no oil-fired or gas boilers. The distribution network of the airport will be used for heating.

‘Gateway’ is the first step in the creation of ‘Airport Village’  –  a development of 400,000 m² with offices, hotels, conference and meeting facilities in the immediate surroundings of the airport.