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K-Tower by Philippe Samyn rising from the ground

The residential project K-Tower in the town of Kortrijk is quickly rising from the ground. On a prominent location along the banks of the river Leie, arises the residential tower, a design by Philippe Samyn. VK Architects & Engineers provides the studies for acoustical engineering.

The high-end architectural quality of the residential tower is very much in harmony with its location along the newly developed riverbanks, nearby the striking foot and cycle bridge by Ney & Partners – SUM Project. The residential project with high-quality living units wants to offer comfort for all aspects of living. Including acoustics, for which VK Architects & Engineers provides the studies.

Flexibility = key

The acoustical experts of VK focused on maximising the acoustical performance, for a minimum of costs and weight. The flexibility of the architectural design was fully met, in order to optimise the commercial assets throughout the building’s life cycle.

As a result, for the floor slabs, robust solutions were proposed, to enable for example noisy spaces above bedrooms. All possible arrangements were calculated, using simulations. For the floor finish, the acoustical integration of the technical installations (ducts and others) has also been taken into account.

Enjoying the views quietly

Besides paying attention to the construction of walls and floors, our experts have in this high-rise context also focused on the acoustical comfort of the terraces and adjoining spaces. The dispersed terraces function as a second envelope, hanging from the bearing structure. This concept optimises the outdoor experience for the residents, but demanded well thought-out façade detailing from the very start. Close collaboration between all design and construction partners ensured a smooth handling of this architectural concept. In addition, acoustical measures were taken for the technical rooms, which border on the upper penthouses’ terraces. Low-noise equipment and dampers see to it that the views on the Kortrijk skyline remain peaceful and quiet.

The residential tower will be completed in early 2018. At this moment, already 62% of apartments have been sold.