A few years ago, VK Architects & Engineers has organized itself to function in a matrix-structure. On the market side, this implies that we devote our expertise on “end products”, such as hospitals, logistical complexes, schools, offices, leisure facilities, public buildings or infrastructure and landscaping projects. This focus on our target markets enables our architects and engineers to specialize as suppliers of services, both technically and commercially. For each market has its typical specifics and project cycles. This approach can only benefit the client.

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VK Architects & Engineers offers a wide range of design-based studies. Within the Healthcare and Industry markets, this ranges from consultancy, master planning, programming, through architecture and interior architecture to building services, structural engineering, infrastructure and landscaping.

In the Buildings and Public Space markets, we offer external architects, clients, public authorities, developers and promoters all engineering services: building services, façade engineering, acoustical engineering, fire safety, structural engineering, infrastructure and landscaping.

The inhouse interdisciplinary approach ensures short lines of communication, an integrated design process and a sustainable result. Designing together is more than a motto at VK.

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