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Largest European expertise center for robotic surgery expands

As Europe’s largest training centre for robotic surgery, ORSI Academy has much international renown. Only 5 years after its establishment, each year 500 doctors make the journey to the small community of Melle, Belgium, to be trained in minimal invasive therapies. The success of the existing centre called for an expansion. At the same time, it allows ORSI Academy to dream of new and exciting roads to follow. The brand new centre is designed by VK Architects & Engineers, who also designed the existing centre.

ORSI Academy in its current form is bursting at the seams, due to its great success. Situated along the busy E40 motorway, VK Architects & Engineers have designed a new campus with a clear distinction between opaque and transparent surfaces, depending on the function of the spaces behind the facade. The new campus offers 4 additional clusters of 4 to 6 operating rooms, besides meeting rooms for up to 30 people, an auditorium with 120 seats, a restaurant, foyer and open-office space.

Pushing innovation forward

ORSI Academy aims with this campus to push innovation and progress in robotic surgery, amongst others by attracting various disciplines. Creating a melting pot of engineers, doctors, multinationals and start-ups will surely open up new horizons in this relatively new chapter of medicine.

This project not only lets VK Architects & Engineers play its part as healthcare designer in this great story. It also takes VK back to its past and early beginnings. The building that will be demolished on the research farm of Ghent University to make way for the new centre, was designed and realised by VK some 50 years ago. At the time, VK designed a state-of-the-art addition to the existing research farm, enabling the university to push forward its research. It’s gratifying to realise on that same spot a project that again will contribute to innovations towards a healthier life.

Demolition works start in January. The brand new, nearly zero-energy, expertise campus for robotic surgery is planned to open in early 2018.

Take a walk on the new campus on the YouTube channel of VK Architects & Engineers.
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