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FEBE Precast Award for Möbius thanks to team work


As engineering partner, also for the structural studies, VK Architects & Engineers is very pleased with the FEBE Precast Award 2019 for the Möbius towers. This recognition follows extensive studies by VK's Structural Engineering Department, and an optimal collaboration with the design and construction partners involved at every stage of the project.

The prefab application was taken into account from day 1 of the design, in consultation with architect Assar. For instance, the distance between the core and the facade was adjusted to the optimal use of a 20+5 beam. At the same time, this optimised the gross-net ratio of the towers.

During the design and the permit phase, ample attention was paid to the appearance of the nodes - the structure will remain visible when the building is put into use. That is why all elements were drawn in 3D: the structure, false ceilings, the techniques that remain visible, and the facade.

During the pricing process, different variants were studied by the companies, such as mushroom floor slabs and steel beams with steel troughs. However, they proved unable to compete, mainly because of the early decision to make optimal use of the beams.

During the realisation, we worked very closely with contractor Interbuild and precast producer Ergon, for a precise optimization in function of the production process. At the same time, architect Assar was closely involved with regard to the aesthetic aspect of the knots.

Thanks to an integrated approach from the design point of view, and a close interaction between all design and construction partners, these distinctive passive office towers smoothly emerge from the ground.

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