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Festive opening of Second Facilities for Bach Mai and Viet Duc in Vietnam


Last Sunday, October 21, 2018, in Phu Ly City (Ha Nam Province) the Outpatient Department of Bach Mai 2 and Viet Duc 2 hospitals were officially inaugurated in the presence of Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam and the Minister of Health, Nguyen Thi Kim Tien and many other officials. This is a milestone in the healthcare history of Vietnam, as well as for the team of VK Vietnam, who has collaborated for years on the design and the engineering of these hospitals.

During the ceremony, Minister Nguyen Thi Kim Tien emphasized: “The second facilities of the Bach Mai Hospital and the Viet Duc Hospital are two projects within the government objective to build five new hospitals, in order to modernize Vietnamese healthcare, bringing it to the level of the best-performing countries in the region. Besides medical treatment and the transfer of technology and training, the new hospitals also are to reduce the overload of the central and local hospitals in and around Hanoi, are to reduce the number of people having to go abroad for medical treatment, helping people in the surrounding areas to receive medical examination and treatment with high technology when they are seriously ill.”

Two new mega-hospitals for Ha Nam Province

The Bach Mai 2 hospital has a capacity of 1,000 hospital beds and will welcome about 5,000 visitors per day. With a total floor surface of over 123,000 m², consisting of 1 underground level and 7 levels above ground, patients with serious diseases will be treated in this modern general hospital with cardiology, internal medicine, oncology, urology, pneumology, etc.

Facility 2 of the Viet Duc Hospital also provides 1,000 hospital beds and will accommodate 3,500 consultations per day. It includes no less than 40 operating rooms. In comparison: In Europe, Leuven University Hospitals is the largest surgical center with 33 operating rooms. This surgical hospital with a floor surface of over 125,000 m² will mainly treat injury to the bone, skull, head, face, neck, chest, spine and thorax fractures, besides offering cardiovascular surgery.

During the inauguration, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam stated: “These two modern hospital buildings are the emanation of a new approach, with a friendly, positive impact on recovery and a good working environment for healthcare workers. After the completion of the project, Ha Nam people will have access to high-quality healthcare and will no longer need to go to Hanoi.”

With these two mega-hospitals, VK Architects & Engineers takes a next step on the Vietnamese market. After the realization of VinMec International Hospital in 2012, VK Architects & Engineers definitively puts itself forward as an expert in hospital design and engineering. The next ambition, under the flag of VKA Healthcare, a joint venture between VK and Archetype, is to realize similar projects throughout Asia.