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Nursing home Jacky Maes moves into first phase of new nursing home


In Bredene (Belgium), a new nursing home, designed by VK Architects & Engineers, is under construction, replacing an existing outdated retirement home. A first phase with 64 rooms was recently occupied and offers a preview of 2022, when the entire healthcare centre will be completed. The second phase will be completed by the end of 2021, containing the remaining 96 rooms. In 2022 the last remnants of the old retirement home will be demolished to create a connecting corridor between the two wings.

In this first phase, 52 residents moved to a brand new room. In addition to the 64 new rooms, a day-care centre for 15 people and a local service centre with 100 places were realised. The new kitchen is catering for 600 meals.

A new "house"

VK designed a senior village where comfort for the resident is central and the "house" is approximated as much as possible. The room modulation largely determines the appearance of the facade, making the building very readable. Materialised with 4 types of brick, this creates small-scale living volumes that form lines of houses.

The living spaces also refer back to the "house". With few stimuli and away from logistic and visitor flows, smaller interlinked living rooms offer the desired intimacy.

In addition, various places are intended to meet, both within the residential care centre and with the surrounding community.

Logical organisation chart

At the same time, the design follows a logical organizational chart, for realistic deployment of staff. The design limits walking distances and maximizes surveyability. In addition, a brand new badge system for staff accesses the condition and status of the residents. As a result, less time is needed to transfer information and more time can be spent on care.

In January of this year the demolition of the remaining wings of the existing retirement home was started, to make way for the second phase. The final phase will then literally bring the closing piece of the new nursing home: a connection between the two previous phases.

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