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Orsi Academy wins prestigious European RegioStar Award


Orsi Academy, a training centre for robotic surgery along the E40 in Melle has won a European RegioStar Award. This ERDF project received support from VLAIO. Congratulations!

Orsi Academy on the podium of the RegioStars

On Wednesday 9 October, Prof. Alexandre Mottrie, CEO of Orsi Academy, and Werner Van den Stockt, ERDF Management Authority for Flanders, received the RegioStar Award 2019 in the 'Modernising Health Services' category from Marc Lemaitre, director of DG Regio, and Lambert Van Nistelrooij, former Member of the European Parliament and chairman of the jury.

What are the RegioStar Awards?

With the RegioStar Awards, the European Commission honours the EU-funded projects that stand out from the other projects in terms of demonstrating excellence and rolling out a new approach. With the aim of inspiring other European regions and project managers, the winners receive extra media attention and are placed in the European spotlight.

The RegioStars are awarded in five thematic categories promoting digital transformation, connecting green-blue-grey networks, fighting inequality and poverty, building climate adaptive cities and the special category for 2019: modernising healthcare.

What does Orsi Academy do?

Orsi Academy is a training centre for robotic surgery that was realised along the E40 in Melle, thanks to the financial support of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Flemish government. Watch a performance video of the project here.

The new infrastructure of 5,500 square metres houses the very latest technologies in the field of robotic surgery. Because the Orsi Academy is one of the absolute world leaders, the centre attracts surgeons from all over the world who come to Melle to refine their skills. Every year, some 3,500 surgeons from all over the world come to Orsi to train in robotic surgery.

The granting of the RegioStar Award 2019 not only means a recognition of this expertise by the European Commission in a field that is very important to Flanders, that of healthcare, but it also stimulates the further development of the technology in collaboration with Ghent University, the KU Leuven and knowledge institutes.

Orsi Academy received 5.8 million euros in support from the ERDF and 1.45 million from the Flemish government.

Source : Agentschap Innoveren en Ondernemen

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