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VK is HQE assessor


HQE is a French evaluation method that pursues sustainable performance objectives by focusing largely on life-cycle assessment (LCA) at the building level. Its multi-criteria approach integrates at its heart concerns for the well-being of users by taking into account the impacts on the health and comfort of individuals and on the indoor environment. The overall score is expressed as Pass, Good, Very Good, Excellent or Exceptional.

The basis for the environmental assessment is similar to that of BREEAM. The focus and distribution of the criteria is a little different. Comfort and health are more represented in the HQE assessment compared to BREEAM.

  • Eco-construction: relationship of the building with its immediate environment; sound choice of products, systems and processes; construction site with low environmental impact.
  • Eco-management: energy management, water management, business waste management, maintenance - sustainability of environmental performance.
  • Comfort: hygrothermal comfort, acoustic comfort, visual comfort, olfactory comfort.
  • Health: quality of spaces, air quality, water quality.

VK is also a BREEAM International Assessor and WELL Accredited Professional.

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