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VK – Michel Rémon designs « HospitaCité » for Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc


At the end of November, the combination VK Architects & Engineers – Michel Rémon & Associés received the long-awaited message. Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc (CUSL) selected our group to prepare the existing hospital campus for the future, revitalizing it to an efficient care campus. “Hospital 2025” sets out for an ambitious program and will reinforce the prominent position of this university hospital in Brussels and in the French-speaking part of Belgium.

The program consists of the master plan, study, design, and complete engineering, for a budget of 250 million euros and an estimated project duration of 10 years! Half a century after the ground-breaking for the existing hospital on the sloping hills in the east of Brussels, on the same spot doctors, patients, students and visitors together will shape a vibrant “Health City”.

Compliments of the jury

After more than 9 months of competition in 2 phases, the team VK Architects & Engineers – Michel Rémon & Associés and its HospitaCité-project were praised by CUSL for the future-proof urbanistic and architectural vision. Clear circulation flows, connection with the district and the city, roof gardens as an oasis of tranquillity in the bustling city, and many other interventions transform the existing impressive, monolithic structure to an attractive care campus. New buildings will be realized, and the medical-technical block will be completely renovated. The jury was also impressed with the detailed phasing, the internal flexibility, the flows in and around campus and the ripe reflection on the quality of life on campus.

Remarkable facade solutions in combination with timber and glass will offer intuitive wayfinding to visitors, and let the daylight play out its healing qualities. All with the ambition to reduce energy consumption by half within a controlled Total Cost of Ownership. In the spirit of a “Health City”, the different buildings with their varying heights will entertain a dynamic interplay with the Brussels skyline. The designers will create several care poles to enhance the functional connections, with the day clinic in a prominent role. The environment for patients and personnel will be optimized to meet current expectations.

HospitaCité = hospital + city + hospitality

This strategically crucial project for the Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc will integrally reshape the CUSL-campus the coming 10 years. It will become a Health Campus reference to the east of the city, by no coincidence given the name “HospitaCité”. A combination of “hospital”, “city” and “hospitality” as a metaphor for a campus that is perfectly integrated in the urban fabric and is to emanate the hospitality of a hotel.

The assignment has already started and the architects and engineers of VK – Michel Rémon meanwhile have held the first meetings. “HospitaCité”, an example of Belgian-French healthcare knowhow in the capital of Europe.