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VK designs psychiatric hospital in Kortrijk for children and youths


The Psychiatric Hospital Heilige Familie in Kortrijk is building a completely new centre for children and youths. They will have a unique place in the heart of the city. Construction will start in 2020.

The Psychiatric Hospital Heilige Familie has two children's and youth departments: De Korbeel and De Patio. In 1974, De Korbeel was the first recognised children's and youth psychiatric centre in Belgium. De Patio is a place for minors who have faced the justice system and need psychiatric help.

Both departments are located in the Psychiatric Hospital in the heart of Kortrijk, which is getting too cramped. Moreover, a separate place for children and youths with psychiatric problems is very important, says Olivier Peene of the PZ Heilige Familie. "Sometimes the youths stay here for a few months, in which case a soothing and homely environment is very important."


The new building will be located in the heart of the city of Kortrijk, on the site of the former Groeninge campus of the Guldensporencollege. This is close to the Groeninge Park. The centre will be enclosed by a park where cyclists and walkers are also welcome. In the new building itself there is also a lot of attention for "green". There are green zones and play areas between the various departments.

Start of the works

The former school is currently being demolished. After that, the archaeologists are up. Perhaps something will be excavated in the vicinity of the Guldensporen (Golden Spurs) monument. At the beginning of next year the construction of the new centre will start. The total cost of the building is 18 million euros. Half of this is paid with subsidies from the Flemish Government. In the centre there is room for 52 children and youths.

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