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VK returns to its roots


In the port of Roeselare the silos of Hanekop are a familiar sight, forming a landmark. Granero Industrio, a collaboration between Debaillie, Maselis and Versele-Laga, breathes new life into the industrial site. VK is responsible for the design and realisation.

Back to 1959

The silos and flour mill form a well-known image in Roeselare, and are visible from afar. A large part of the site was designed from 1959 onwards by VK, at that time still engineering firm Van Kerckhove. Founder Hubert Van Kerckhove became a European reference for silo construction.

The complex has not been used since 2008. The neighbouring companies Debaillie, Maselis and Versele-Laga jointly bought the complex in order to start it up again.

Back to the future

Granero Industrio contacted VK for a feasibility study, after which VK was also asked to design the new site.

The silos will be renovated and put back into use. With a storage capacity of 25,000 m³, they are a unique feature. VK's design replaces the amalgam of materials and construction heights for a more uniform appearance with striking façade additions. This will further strengthen the landmark aspect and give the renewed industrial complex the necessary allure.

The oldest part of the complex, with the exception of a protected silo building from 1934, will be replaced by a new building with loading stations.

Granero Industrio should be operational by 2022.

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