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Nursing home Alveringem converts to Continuing Care Retirement Community

In late 2013, the Public Welfare Center of Alveringem opened its brand new nursing home. Barely 3 years later, an extension is in the starting blocks. This new project, designed by VK Architects & Engineers, will offer the seniors of Alveringem and the region continuing retirement care. Construction starts at the end of January.

When the new nursing home ‘t Hoge, also a design of VK Architects & Engineers, was officially opened in 2013, the ambition was pronounced to expand the range of care. In 2015, the Public Welfare Center organised a competition, in which VK was proclaimed the laureate. Besides the nursing home, the Public Welfare Center wants to provide accommodations for seniors who can live independently. As a result, 12 senior apartments will be added to the campus, as well as 8 retirement housing units (client Woonmaatschappij Ijzer en Zee) and a house for group living, for 8 seniors.

Living and caring in the park

These new functions will nestle around the nursing home ‘t Hoge. This creates a green enclosed area, which will largely be publicly accessible. A more sheltered part of the enclosed area will be reserved for the inhabitants of the retirement community, including amongst others places for gardening.

At the same time, the new housing is being built at a distance from the street, keeping the greenery on the foreground.

By not clustering the new living units, the campus in its entirety presents an open and spacious scene. Within the housing groups, playing with sightlines and fragmenting the volumes offers an interesting diversity in the village centre.

Occupation of the new residential functions is planned for early 2019.