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Belle-Ile Shopping Center

Mission integrated engineering of an extension and refurbishment of a shopping center
Client Wereldhave
Architect Ateliers du Sart Tilman
Dates 2015 - 2019
Numbers 22 retail
Surface 30600 m2

Belle-Île Shopping Center in Liège city serves 576,000 people in a 20 minute radius. Opened in 1995, it welcomed 3.7 million visitors in 2015. Wereldhave, developer and manager of the shopping center, wants to refurbish and extend the commercial complex.

The extension entails 22 new retail units, making for 121 retail units in total on 42,000 sqm. The extension, amongst others, enables cafés and restaurants to dispose of terraces.

The eye-catcher is a covered mall of 2,600 sqm. The initial design of the promenade was put under scrutinous research by VK’s engineers. An integrated engineering approach, applying parametric design, resulted in an important optimisation of the design. Furthermore, a feasibility analysis for the covered mall showed impressive cost-savings. VK’s integrated engineering provided a high-performance, cost-effective solution without having to sacrifice the architectural quality.

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