Mission engineering of a sustainable crematorium
Client Crematorium Hofheide
Architect Coussée & Goris, RCR Aranda Pigam Vilalta arquitectes
Dates 2010 - 2014
Surface 3800 m2

The architectural concept demonstrates a strong and valuable program. With respect for the existing landscape and the surroundings, the crematorium was integrated in a natural environment. The monolithic building is constructed with a rust-coloured concrete structure. Weathering steel gives the building a high-quality finish.

The designers fully support the vision with regard to sustainable design. A life cycle analysis was performed to verify the building’s complete impact on the environment: the ecological impact of materials and methods used, the energy consumption and maintenance of the building and its installations, the influence the building exerts on the wellbeing of its users, and the environmental impact of the project’s renovation or demolition. VK’s engineers conceptualized smart technical installations where the concept is a logical result of the architecture. This provides a particular low-tech building, in line with the respect and serenity that is expected of the place. In first instance, passive measures have been applied: compact construction, a thorough thermal insulation of the outer shell, airtight shell, solar protection and shading through deep-set windows and awnings … The concrete structure was left uncovered as much as possible, to use its thermal mass for leveling temperature fluctuations. All technical installations were located underground.

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