Mission (Nederlands) engineering for an urban redevelopment with retail, apartments and offices
Client Matexi
Architect 360 architecten, B2AI, CrepainBinst Architecture
Dates 2012 - 2018
Numbers 42 apartments
Surface 22500 m2

At the Kouter city square in Ghent, the former offices of KBC Bank are located. A new building complex is being realised for retail, offices and apartments at both sides of a sidestreet of the Kouter square. The underground floors stretch across the sidestreet and serve the two building blocks. The historical most valuable façade is being preserved, contrasting with the new façades.

For the underground car park, a construction pit was realised, 10 meters deep, that runs underneath the facade that needed to be preserved. The ground floor and the first underground floor will house shops. The KBC Bank will still hold an office in the building, with a reduced offices program on the first floor. The apartments on the upper floors are realised around a large inner garden and roof gardens.