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Charleroi Police Tower

Mission expansion and renovation of a police station
Client CFE
Architect Ateliers Jean Nouvel, MDW Architecture
Dates 2010 - 2014
Surface 39200 m2

The city of Charleroi is fully engaged in an urban revitalisation, taking on several projects, including a renewed police station. It will consist partly of a new building and of renovated barracks. A number of buildings of the barracks will be demolished, creating a public square in the city. The remaining wings, to be renovated, do not have the necessary capacity. As such, a third vertical wing will complete the picture.

The new tower will have 22 floors, but remains with its 75 metres in proportion to the city's belfry. The elliptical form makes for a harmonious embedding in the environment. The tower will house the main entrance, and predominantly offices that will have a modular layout. It will also contain a sports centre, a library and classes. The upper floor contains a large meeting room with a panoramic view on the city. The detention part has been situated underground, together with 3 parking layers. The renovated layers will also house offices, as well as cloakrooms and a cafeteria.

The entire project is being approached from a sustainable angle. The tower will be a passive construction and the renovated wings will meet low energy requirements.

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