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Gate of Beveren prison

Mission engineering of a new prison
Client Buildings Agency
Architect Archivolt Architecten, M.& J.M Jaspers Eyers & Partners, Stephane Beel Architecten
Dates 2011 - 2014
Numbers 300 places
Surface 29000 m2

The critical overcrowding in the Belgian prisons resulted in 2008 into a master plan. It mentions 7 new facilities, 4 of which have been assigned within a DBFM-construction. VK is involved for the engineering in 3 of these (Beveren, Haren, Dendermonde).

Construction of the Gate of Beveren, as the prison is called, started in March 2012. The final project will be able to house 300 detainees, focussing attention on man and environment. A human approach is to influence the detainees in a positive way, which in turn is to improve security. The design aims for the reintegration into society and stimulates a sense of community.

The prison will also be an energetically sustainable project, beginning with excellent insulation. Renewable energy is generated through photovoltaic solar cells and cogeneration for sanitary hot water and electricity. The remaining demand is met through low temperature heating, energy efficient light fittings and condensating boilers.

Recuperation of rain water ensures a sustainable water management. A biological water purification installation also takes care of purified waste water, to be infiltrated in the soil after a complete purification in a moat that runs around the prison.

The structural solutions also used an energetically and economically efficient construction method, by applying concrete prefabricated elements.