Mission new offices complex with hospitality facilities
Architect M. & J.M. Jaspers - Eyers & Partners
Dates 2015 - 2020
Numbers 353 parking places
Surface 60000 m2

Quatuor is an emblematic high-rise building, to be constructed at the entrance of the Brussels North district. Four building units encircle a public green space, which sits on top of an underground car park.

Two transparent ground floors will house restaurants and catering facilities, a conference center, a kindergarten and retail. With an open base, the central square becomes part of city-life. Open floor plans around solid central cores provide extreme flexibility.

VK’s façade engineers collaborated with the architects for the facade. The perpendicular fins provide adequate shading, reducing cooling loads, while allowing for an abundance of daylight and a 360° view of the surrounding city. Other passive measures include a highly insulated building shell, triple glazing with passive ventilation, and excellent airtightness. The overall insulation level complies with the Passive Standard of Brussels Capital Region.

For the technical installations, VK focussed on passive measures and low-energy systems. Renewables are optimally applied, such as geothermal energy in combination with a brine heat pump and high-efficiency chillers. Other renewable sources are tapped through photovoltaic cells on the tower roofs, rainwater buffers and grey water re-usage. In addition, energy demand is reduced to a minimum, in optimally applying high-efficiency equipment and energy recuperation. A building automation system monitors all installations and supports facility management.

High-rise buildings demand specific installations regarding fire safety. All floors are equipped with a fire detection system, sprinklers, smoke evacuation in the staircases and an overall lightning-protection outside and in the distribution panels.

The project received a BREEAM Excellent score at design stage.

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