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Town office Leiespiegel

Mission engineering a sustainable, flexible town office
Client Town of Deinze
Architect Tony Fretton Architects
Dates 2009 - 2016
Surface 10000 m2

Together with the church of Our Lady, the museum Deinze and the Leie region and the new theatre, the town office constitutes the renewed town centre of Deinze, along the borders of the river Leie.

The new building consists of 2 volumes. An adminstrative center with 5 floors as the largest volume. The council room is housed in a smaller pavillion, oriented transversely with regard to the administrative centre.

A second skin

Around the building, loggias act as a second skin. Their shading prevents overheating while allowing for maximum daylight. The bearing of this external addition was solved quite particularly. Prefabricated floor elements are connected to the main floor slab via cold bridge breaks. Prefabricated concrete pillars support the slabs at the edge. They are in turn supported by corbels on the concrete cellar wall, which was the best solution taking the shallow depth of the loggia’s into account. The vicinity of the river Leie also formed quite a challenge. The river bed shows a low bearing capacity and settlement tendency. For that reason, a deep foundation was used despite the presence of a cellar.


All spaces in the building use natural ventilation through windows that can be opened. The roofs have been given a thick layer of insulation, while the council room has a green roof. A combination of geothermal heat pump and a condensating boiler provides heating and cooling.

The design also allows for high adaptability with its high ceilings, partly thanks to prestressed compression slabs which sustain a much thinner execution.

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