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Gijzelbrechtegem village centre

Mission village centre renewal
Client Town of Anzegem
Architect VK
Dates 2008 - 2013

Gijzelbrechtegem is a rural hamlet situated in the rolling landscape of the watershed (interfluve) between the Leie and Schelde rivers. In 2008 the municipality started a competition related to the renewal of the village centre. VK obtained the assignment, thanks in part to its strict conformity to planning in relation to tendering and subsidy dossiers. VK is responsible for the layout of the preliminary draft, the design, the tender procedure, leadership of the infrastructural work and drawing up the subsidy dossiers.

The design is aimed at the preservation and further reinforcement of the morphological structure and the spatial qualities of the village. The village square, that had few qualities, will become residential space and fit in with the existing spatial qualities, panorama and orientation. In addition, the design guarantees a smoother flow of traffic.

The conceptualisation starts with the four important public buildings in the heart of Gijzelbrechtegem and their relationship to one another: the church, the meeting centre, the presbytery and the local school. The drawing up of a specific lighting plan serves as support for the development plan with specific attention to the public domain and emphasises the most striking buildings. As a result of this structural modification the heart of the village in Gijzelbrechtegem is like a pearl in this already authentic and unique landscape.