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Arts campus and police head office

Location Herentals, Belgium
Timeline 2016 - 2020

conversion of a building to an Arts campus and police head station


The Herentals Academies for the Arts found a new home in a former office building, where the police station was already housed. A new outer shell meets the high sustainability ambitions of this BEN project, in combination with mainly passive measures. The acoustics study provides optimal comfort in this mix of music classes, dance studios, but also police cells and interrogation rooms.

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  • Town of Herentals
  • Police area Neteland
  • FVWW
6300 m²


A new building envelope for the complex provides an answer to the high sustainability ambitions.

The Academies for Visual Arts and for Music, Word and Dance in Herentals are in urgent need of a new home. The city of Herentals has bought the former Belgacom building, a telecommunications operator, which is already home to the police station, to accommodate the Academies as well, after the building has been upgraded. The redevelopment offers opportunities for an enhanced public space.

The former Belgacom building has high floors and, many windows, for optimal daylight access. A new building envelope for the complex provides an answer to the high sustainability ambitions. Together with other, as many passive measures as possible, the aim is to create a BEN building. Active measures include a solar thermal installation, demand-driven ventilation, high-performance heat recovery, reversible heat pump and energy-efficient light fittings.

Specific attention has also been paid to acoustics, because of the mix of music classes, dance studios, stage halls, but also interrogation rooms and cells in the police section. We work with box-in-box constructions via mass spring systems, retaining walls, floating chapes, etc. Acoustic doors and double doors in slots, and additional windows are also used.

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