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Sint-Jan General Hospital Ostend, oncology

Location Ostend, Belgium
Timeline 2016 - 2019

renovation and expansion of a day hospital oncology


In the expansion and renovation of this day hospital oncology, a number of effective interventions ensure warmth and humanity in a medical environment. From the entrance to the treatment room, materialization, light and color bring a touch of homeliness, for a soothing atmosphere.

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  • AZ Sint-Jan Brugge-Oostende AV
  • VK


The design divides the day hospital into two halves.

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VK has been active for the Sint-Jan Brugge-Oostende General Hospital for many years, both on the Bruges and Ostend campus. VK is mainly involved in renovation and expansion projects. Gradually, these are also incorporated into a new house style for the care environments.

This was also the case for the oncology day hospital on the Ostend campus, which was renovated and expanded. The existing day hospital is centrally located on the campus. In terms of surface area, it forms a small part of the entire hospital. However, it received a great deal of care and attention from our designers.

As a result of the intervention, the number of positions was almost doubled, among other things by using more seats than beds. The design divides the day hospital into two halves. One half is furnished as a day room with accompanying nursing station, the other half includes secretariat, waiting room, staff kitchen and consultations. A minimal extension introduces extra daylight into the department.

The interior designers contrast clinical white for the fixed furniture with warm wood tones for the floor. This lends a homely character to the medical environment, enhanced by the subtle light accents. The hallway to the reception is a major attraction: a dazzling display of colour accompanies the visitor by means of floor-to-ceiling nature images with backlighting.

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