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Bach Mai 2 General Hospital

Location Phu Ly City, Vietnam
Timeline 2014 - 2017

design of a general hospital (Concept & Basic Design all services, Architectural Technical & Detail Design)


The Bach Mai Hospital in Hanoi is one of the most respected institutions in Vietnam, with an extensive outpatient service. Despite 1,900 beds, the hospital has a large overload. 60 km outside Hanoi, near 2 major arterial roads, Bach Mai 2 offers a solution. With an emphasis on ambulatory patients and 1,000 beds, the new hospital can handle up to 5,000 consultations per day.

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  • Ministry of Healthcare Vietnam
  • Vietnam
1000 beds
115000 m²


The new hospital will be able to handle 5,000 outpatient visits a day, and will have 1,000 in-patient beds.

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Bach Mai Hospital was founded in Hanoi at the turn of the 20th Century and has undergone many renovations and extensions during its existence. It is now a respected and important General Hospital, providing extensive out-patient services and 1,900 patient beds. It has two institutes (cardiology and mental health) eight centres and a medical college.

The hospital’s current facilities cannot meet demand, and although there is a comprehensive redevelopment and extension programme for its inner city campus, this alone will be insufficient to meet the people’s need. As a result the Ministry of Health has decided that a second new facility will be developed for the hospital on a greenfield site.

This second facility for Bach Mai will be located in Phu Ly City, the capital of Ha Nam Province, 60km south of the existing hospital. It will have excellent transport links, being situated at a junction on the primary north-south road, and by the same north-south railway line that runs alongside Bach Mai, allowing it to serve both Hanoi and the wider northern region.

The new hospital will be able to handle 5,000 outpatient visits a day, and will have 1,000 in-patient beds. It will provide the most of the same services as the original hospital including cardiology and oncology. It is due to open in 2017.

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