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Binh Chanh Pediatric Hospital

Location Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Timeline 2011 - 2011

competition design for a 1,000 bed pediatric hospital


VK, 2050 A+P and Nhat My teamed up to translate a complex programme into a clear structure. Floating above the landscape, the nursing units lend a strong identity and readability to the building. Facing a daily influx of 6,000 patients, the medical services are located around a central square. This competition design was awarded the WAF "Future Health" award.

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  • Ministry of Healthcare Vietnam
  • VK
  • 2050 A+P
  • Nhat My
  • 2011 WAF Award - Future Health
1000 beds
104000 m²


The holistic approach creates a healing environment that not only deals with the body, but also with the mind and soul of young patients.

Breaking away from the traditional hospital layout, the design for this children’s hospital has a flower-like concept. The holistic approach, fully integrating architecture and engineering, creates a healing environment that not only deals with the body, but also with the mind and soul of young patients.

The collaboration of architecture firms VK, 2050 A+P and Nhat My translated a complex program into a clear structure, increasing the operational efficiency. The hospital wards project a strong identity and enhance the buildings directional readability.

The oval floor plan and voids containing the internal circulation reduces walking distances and maximizes surveillance. Floating above the landscape, the wards are connected to the medical services on the ground floor via 3 vertical circulation shafts, which clearly separate the logistic, public and inpatient flows. The medical services are organized around an internal plaza with a capacity for 6,000 patients per day. The hospital is to be built near a busy freeway; a bamboo field will be used to buffer noise and pollution. A waste collection and treatment site will also be integrated. The organic slope underneath the hospital wards functions both as a buffer for the rest of the area and as a roof for the medical services. It protects the medical block from direct sunlight, while providing daylight through sunken patios.

The hospital will be part of a master plan with other healthcare facilities planned for the future. A public plaza will enhance the public function of the hospital and connect the hospital with the future expansion area. Finally, as a healing environment needs a healthy building, the design incorporates sustainable measures, such as natural ventilation, night cooling, solar shading and the use of solar energy.

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